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Anhui Wuhu Baofeng Conveying Machinery Co., LTD., founded in 1998, is a major manufacturer of belt conveyors, with a construction area of 16,000 square meters, fixed assets of 25 million yuan, and corporate bank credit rating of AA。

      To provide customers with cost-effective quality conveying equipment, has become our company in the design, manufacturing to after-sales service work long-term adhere to the concept。To this end, the company has accumulated a rich industry knowledge and practical experience, with a high level of professional ethics of the staff, the company now has 145 employees, 32 engineering and technical personnel, including 5 senior engineers。

      Since the establishment of the company, direct belt conveyor is the leading product, mainly producing DTII(A) series belt conveyor, DTII series belt conveyor, TD75 fixed conveyor, DJ series belt conveyor, bandwidth B500-B1800.Products obtained the national industrial product production license,Passed ISO9001 international management system certification,The company has a total of more than 60 types of equipment,Have a full set of roller production line (including automatic pipe cutting machine,Automatic double-head boring machine Automatic double-head pressing machine,Automatic double-head C02 shielded welding machine), roller straight seam, ring seam buried arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding equipment and material pretreatment shot peening equipment;meanwhile,With advanced detection means,Ensure product quality。

      The company attaches great importance to technological progress and product development, and has established stable friendly cooperative relations with more than ten design institutes at home and abroad, timely capture market and new product information, and constantly develop new products with market potential。After years of benign operation and development, the company has established a complete technical quality operation and guarantee system for belt conveyor equipment, production, installation, commissioning and after-sales service, and has now become a manufacturer of belt conveyor research, development, production and testing, with an annual production of 60,000 meters of belt conveyor。

      The company's products are widely used in power, port, coal, steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, transportation and other industries, for many domestic key projects supporting。And with its good design, quality products, quality after-sales service by the user's praise。

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Address: Wuwei County Industrial Zone, Anhui Province
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