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How to solve the sticking of the bucket wall during the discharge of the belt conveyor?

Belt conveyor is used to lift a variety of bulk materials, at present is a more advanced vertical equipment, with high efficiency and energy saving characteristics。Workers who often use belt conveyors will have such a puzzle, that is, some materials will not be smooth when discharging, there will be endless discharge, and the material will stick to the discharge port。If the material is not discharged, part of the material will accumulate at the bottom of the equipment, reducing the efficiency of the hoist。So what exactly causes this problem and how to solve it?It's up to me...

Chain conveyor, an important role in industrial production

The device that occupies a very important position in the automated production line is the conveyor。 It is an important equipment for conveying and handling bulk materials。 The chain-plate conveyor on the conveyor belt is a common conveyor type。 Compared with other types, chain-plate conveyors have the following points: 1.The conveying surface of the conveyor is smooth and the friction is small。 The transition between materials is smooth。 It can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, and can also transport all kinds of...

Screw conveyor screw shaft stop what is the situation?

The structure of the screw conveyor is simple, but in the specific operation process, several problems are often encountered。 All have wear periods, especially for non-standard products, such as mechanical equipment。 Inevitably, unexpected problems will be encountered in use。 The screw shaft of the screw conveyor stops rotating generally caused by three reasons; 1.The material is too large, the material can not pass through the intermediate suspension bearing, the intermediate bearing...

Bucket elevator design concept and five advantages
Bucket elevator design concept and five advantages

Bucket elevator design concept 1.The conveyor chain uses the surface contact of the plate chain to replace the spot connection of the traditional bucket chain, which greatly improves the service life, and the service life of the conveyor chain can reach more than 5 years。 2.With water inlet channel, there is almost no extrusion and collision between each part of the conveyor and the material, stable operation and easy maintenance。 3.Discharge due to feed inflow, gravity,...

How to solve the problem of easy deviation of belt conveyor

The easy deviation of the belt conveyor during operation is a common problem in the use of users, and these problems can easily lead to belt breakage and other failures, and even affect the safety of the operator。 Therefore, these protective devices must be installed on the belt conveyor。 。 There are two common devices to prevent the belt conveyor from deflecting and sliding: the deviation switch and the slide switch are mainly used to explain the selection and installation of the deviation switch, which is convenient for users to understand and choose。 …

How to solve the problem of conveyor belt of belt conveyor

Rubber conveyor belt is one of the main components of belt conveyor。 输送带的安全稳定运行直接影响到整个输送机生产线的运行; 输送带的偏差是Belt conveyor常见的故障,其及时准确的处理是保证安全稳定运行的保证。 There are many phenomena and causes of deviation。 It is necessary to adopt different adjustment methods for different deviations and reasons in order to effectively solve the problem。 Belt conveyor …

What is unique about large Angle belt conveyor?

High Angle belt conveyors can be equipped with horizontal conveying parts of any length in the head and tail to facilitate connection with other equipment。 Very stable and low noise during operation。 The structure is simple, and all the main components can be shared with the general belt conveyor, which brings convenience to use and maintenance。 As we all know, the large Angle belt conveyor is a widely used conveyor equipment, widely used in construction, metallurgy, food processing industry and many other industries, which determines that it is affected by this kind of shadow.

The belt plays an important role in the belt conveyor

The belt conveyor is a simple conveying equipment with a wide transmission range。 It is divided into mobile and fixed two, very flexible and easy to use。 The belt plays an important role in the belt conveyor, and different materials require different belt materials。 Belt material is rubber, silicone, PVC, PU and other materials。 For belt conveyors transporting ordinary materials, commonly used belt materials...

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